Why Us

Payroll Service

  • Peace of mind – we know all about payroll services so you don’t have to!
  • Frees up time, so you can concentrate on managing your business
  • Fixed budgetable costs – making it easier to manage your money
  • No need for any costly software
  • Legislative requirements are looked after for you


We are a rapidly expanding company based in South Wales, providing a professional yet friendly personal payroll service with over 10 years experience in payroll procedures and processing.

Our aim is the help and support small to medium size businesses throughout the UK to run their payroll efficiently, adhere to legislation & understand the procedures without having to pay for the cost of ignorance.

Nothing annoys employees more than their pay not being correct or paying too much tax.
No one likes paying more tax than is necessary!

We encourage you to remain in control of your finances by choosing how much or little involvement you want us to have. It may be that you only require us to do part of your payroll outsourcing; for example, directors pay for confidentiality purposes or your payroll has become too large for one member of your staff, but not large enough to warrant a new employee.

You can control how you pay your employees, by either paying them yourselves or allowing us to process payments for you including BACS etc for you.