Outsourcing Payroll Services

Outsourcing Payroll Services Payroll services involve collating and computing the financial records of salaries, bonuses, deductions, etc., for each and every employee in a given organization. With the advent of the internet it became relatively easy and secure to... Read More »

All About Payroll Services

All About Payroll Services Payroll services are some of the newest and innovative services offered to companies. This entails providing payroll processing services, with the employers’ convenience in mind. First, let us define payroll. Payroll is the compensation... Read More »

Payroll Agents might be given more powers

In a 42 page consultation document released by HMRC on 1 June, there is a proposal that Payroll Agents will be granted powers to access HMRC’s systems to update tax codes and data for their clients. Such a system will obviously reduce the administration load on HMRC... Read More »