Payroll Services and Real Time Information

Real Time Information - RTI

Payroll Service (UK) Ltd and Real Time Information

Payroll Service (UK) Ltd are proud to announce that they are now scheduled to be fully compliant with the new Real Time Information – RTI legislation that is about to come into play. Real Time Information – RTI will affect all payroll services within the United Kingdom, and it’s imperative that any sort of Payroll company within the UK are prepared to deal with the changes that Real Time Information – RTI brings.

Payroll Service (UK) as a company have been providing businesses with a safe and reliable way of outsourcing their payrolls. Effectively, Payroll Service (UK) allow businesses to focus on actually developing their businesses and dealing with customers, rather than spending hours each week working out which employee’s need to be paid and when payments are going to be sent.

Payroll Service (UK) offer a comprehensive payroll solution to small, medium and large sized businesses who are looking to outsource their payroll services. Payroll Service (UK) understands that employees are the most important asset of any business, and that’s why they strive to ensure that all payments are made on-time, every-time. As soon as the first time sheet is received, Payroll Service (UK) will handle all of the outgoing payments, be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. They cover all stautory payments, student loans, pensions, attachments and any other payments or deductions.

Payroll Service (UK) is Real Time Information Ready! Are you?

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