What is a managed payroll service?

Managed payroll is the outsourcing of your payroll system to a third party. It allows you to properly pay your employees without all the hard work and time involved in the calculations and processing. Using a managed payroll service means you can save time to get on with the more important parts of your business but be sure your employees will be paid correctly every time.


What is Included in Your Payroll Service?

We provide a complete payroll service that is totally reliable, using the latest systems.?
We provide a service from timesheet through to payment encompassing all manner of payment deductions.


What are the benefits of outsourcing my payroll service?

There are a number of benefits to using our payroll service – the most obvious of which is the low- cost, but the list goes on:

No expertise required – we deal with all the complexities and calculations so you don’t have to.
Meaning there’s no need to worry about learning new IT systems or dealing with training costs. There’s no need to hire a payroll specialist, we’ll do it all for you at a low-cost.
No worry about legal changes – the law is constantly changing, but with our managed payroll system you don’t have to worry about keeping up.

Dealing with HMRC – No one likes dealing with the taxman. Using our payroll service means you don’t have to worry. We deal directly with HMRC on your behalf.

Bespoke Service – Our payroll service is designed to meet your needs. With guidance and support tailored to your company/business.

Processing Support – We’ll deal with P45’s if an employee leaves.

Happy Employees – Using our payroll service means your employees will be paid accurately and on time. So they’ll be happy.


How much will Payroll Outsourcing cost me?

Fill in our free Payroll Quote Form and we’ll let you know


I am about to employ people for the first time. What do I need to do?

As an employer you will need to register with HM Revenue and Customs. Registration involves answering a number of questions about your business structure, so you will need to have certain information. HMRC will issue you an employer’s starter pack through the post and supply you with your PAYE reference numbers and an Accounts Office Number. If you need help, we can assist with PAYE registration for your business, to make the process simple and hassle free. We then recommend implementing a suitable payroll service to properly pay your employees and keep on top of your obligations.


What information must I have from a new employee before I pay them?

You will require the new employees: Full name; Date of birth; Home address; National Insurance Number; A copy of the employees P45;If an employee is a foreign national you should satisfy yourself they have permission to be employed in the United Kingdom. This can be checked by contacting the Department of Work & Pensions for advice. Once you have this information, you will be able to pay your employees through our Payroll Service.


What do I do if my employee has not got a National Insurance number?

If they have never been issued a National Insurance number they visit their local Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for an interview. More information can be found on the DWP website: www.dwp.gov.uk

If they lost their National Insurance Number, the Inland Revenue search for it on receipt of a completed form CA6855. We will provide this form FREE OF CHARGE if you need one.


If I am a company director or secretary do I still need to register as an employer?

Yes. Directors who are involved in the day-to-day operations of a limited company are seen as employees of that company as well as employers. If paid in the normal manner (wage/salary) then you will need to register as an employer with HMRC and setup a PAYE system.


How quickly can my company’s payroll be processed using your payroll service?

Our terms of business require that you give us the instructions for your payroll at least 48 hours before you require it to be processed so that we can deal with any queries. However, we hope to be able to turn your payroll around more quickly than this on most occasions. Payslips and reports will be e-mailed to you for the fastest possible delivery or posted if you prefer.


What happens if we want to change something after the payroll has been run?

All you have to do is tell us what changes need to be made and we will recalculate the payslip(s) concerned and send you adjusted payslips and reports. You will however be required to pay the usual fee for processing the payroll so please try to ensure your figures are accurate! In the unlikely event that we make an error, your payroll be re-run without charge.


Can You Guarantee Reliability and Security?

In a word, yes! we guarantee accurate and timely payroll service with pre-agreed deadlines set.