Why Outsource your Payroll?Finding the right payroll outsourcing company, or payroll bureau as some refer to them all depends on what the requirements of your business are. A growing number of businesses both small and large are turning to a payroll bureau for payroll outsourcing for their businesses. While the process itself can be very complex and overwhelming, rest assured that there is help out there. Payroll outsourcing to a payroll bureau that concentrates on payroll outsorcing and understands the laws that govern payroll can be a time saver and allow you to spend your time building and growing your business.

When you are researching whether or not to use a payroll bureau for payroll outsourcing there are a few things to keep in mind during the decision making process. Here we will look at a few of these in more detail. While the options available can be overwhelming, asking the right questions will ensure that the available services will fit your needs.


Mistakes are costly, late payments on taxes, missed deadlines and inaccuracies; even if only by one day, can cost a business thousands of dollars in penalties and interest. The payroll bureau should offer a guarantee that they will pay for the penalties and late fees in the even they make a mistake. They must be accountable for their actions! A payroll bureau that takes the responsibility and is accountable for their mistakes is responsible and trustworthy.

Internet Accessibility

Payroll bureaus that offer an Internet based product to process payroll is necessary have, especially with the available technology in today’s world. Looking back at the National Reach again, if a payroll outsourcing bureau offers an internet based product to enter, review and manage your payroll; you are in full control regardless of their physical office location. This is essential for most small to mid-sized businesses, entering payroll data after hours, on the weekend or on the beach is a matter of convenience and flexibility; no longer tied to “business hours” for running your business.

Choosing a payroll bureau can be easy and painless, if you know what you want and make sure that the company that you are investigating knows what you need. Making a change from one provider to another can be just as easy, take a look at the service that you are receiving and then ask yourself “Is this how I should be treated?”, if not then research some other companies and see what they have to offer you.

photo by renjith krishnan

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