Finding The Right Payroll Solutions Provider For Your Business

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Finding the best payroll solutions provider to fit your business’s needs can be a challenging task even for the most seasoned business owner. Calculating payroll yourself can take away a great deal of time that could have been better spent getting more work done, meeting with more clients, and making more money. Plus, when doing it all yourself the old fashioned way, while trying to cram everything into your already packed schedule, you’re likely to make mistakes-mistakes the HMRC will hold you accountable for.

Three Things Your Payroll Solutions Provider Should Be Doing For You.

The right set of payroll solutions should help free up your time, cut down on errors, and let you get back to what you are best at: running your business. With so many companies springing up these days offering a dizzying array of payroll solutions, how does a business owner choose? Here are a few points you should consider before choosing a payroll solutions provider:

Payroll Solutions Time

– how much time do you currently spend on payroll? If the answer is more than a few minutes, then you’ve got to find yourself new payroll solutions provider. After initial set up, running payroll for an employee should be reduced to mere minutes, instead of hours! All of the employees data: total hours worked, pay rate, and any other information such as sick time and vacation time balances, should all be easily accessible and organized on one screen in a format that makes it easier for you to approve payroll.

Payroll Solutions Accuracy

– Is your current system set up to help cut back on mistakes? The HMRC holds you the business owner responsible for any mistakes made paying your payroll taxes. Transferring data from hand written time sheets, or even just switching back and forth between screens to access the data you need to calculate payrolls will inevitably lead to mistakes. Your payroll solutions system need to allow you to customize your payroll software to cut back on the need to switch screens, and make all the information you need readily accessible.

Payroll Solutions Scalability

– will your current payroll solutions system meet your needs as your business grows? Sure you might be fine right now keeping track of everything in your homemade Excel spreadsheets, Outlook Calendar, and employee hand written time sheets, but as your business grows, how will you adapt your current system to fit your growing needs? How easy is it to add and track new employees? Can you have multiple employees accessing your payroll solutions software simultaneously? How easy is it to update companywide changes to benefits or pay? Can you adapt and customize the payroll reports without spending days, or worse WEEKS, trying to update your current system?

Free Up Your Time. Cut Back On Mistakes. Get Ready To Grow!

Calculating payroll for your whole staff the old fashioned way can take forever, and can lead to you or your staff making mistakes. Nothing prevents you from getting work done more than mistakes and the time spent correcting mistakes. In the end your payroll solutions provider needs to take the burden of running payroll off of your shoulders and enable you to get back to running and growing your business. Make sure when choosing the right payroll solutions system for your company that it frees up your time, cuts back on mistakes, and is set up to grow with you, because that’s the ultimate goal for your business: growth!

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