Payroll Agents, Payroll Services

Payroll Agents, Payroll Services

In a 42 page consultation document released by HMRC on 1 June, there is a proposal that Payroll Agents will be granted powers to access HMRC’s systems to update tax codes and data for their clients. Such a system will obviously reduce the administration load on HMRC and enable them to make savings. Several employers are frustrated by the time it takes to get tax codes and queries resolved and, should these proposals come about, it would be one small step towards getting speedier resolution of queries.

HMRC also recognise that there are many individuals, some 80,000 who provide support to family and friends and these will be looked at as a different entity.

The proposed approach will be on the basis of stick and carrot whereby poor agents will be punished from the system. So, how will HMRC decide whether an agent is good or poor? We understand that another consultation is to be launched later this year on tackling agents found to be acting dishonestly.

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